Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What Wedding Accessory Will Make Your Day Complete?

Sometimes the best inspiration comes from other brides-to-be.  When asked the following question:  "What is your must-have wedding accessory -  the one thing you must have to make your wedding day complete?", here are some of the responses received.    A few of the responses are in line with one of 2010's hottest wedding trends.  Can you spot them?

  • disposable cameras.  These memories will last forever and I want everyone to help capture them.  Audra
  • an Anne Wood sweetheart bird cake topper. I've been trying to replicate them myself since she wasn't taking orders because she was so backlogged, but they don't even compare! Although we are planning a budget wedding and saving on most everything else, this is the one splurge I am willing to pay a weeks wages for!  Kelsey
  • A unique awesome cake topper!  Shawna
  • Because I plan on having a beach wedding, my must-have accessory would be an aisle runner to protect my dress!  Crissen
  • a fun favor to give my guests. Something they will enjoy taking home, rather than something that will end up in everyone's "Goodwill" bag in a month.   Nicole
  •  memorial candle to honor my father.  I lost him on November 2, 2009 to cancer.  Mandy
  •  Bright Pink Shoes! (for the bride).  Kelly
  • awesome hair barrett that stands out b/c I am kind of plain.  Amanda
  • Pair of red heels with a bow. My colors are red with yellow accents and my wedding wouldn't be complete without me in a white dress with red shoes!  Katie
  • The one accessory that is a must for our wedding is the veil. I can't wait until my fiance lifts it up and kisses me!  Monica
  • Candles! Candles add magic and mood to every occasion and my wedding can be transformed from ordinary to extraordinary with gentle sparkling lights.  Lisa
  • Mark - The man of my dreams.  Jillian
  • Birdcage veil.  I know my mom wants me to have a demure chapel veil, but I love the vintage look.  Alicia
  • A great necklace for my V-Neck dress.   Lauren
  •  Unique guest book, we are looking at maybe having a guitar for everyone to sign.  Katie
  •  A unique piece of jewelry for each of my bridesmaids because my special day would not be as wonderful without them.   Sasha
  • A blue birthstone ring my mother bought for my 16th birthday that I lost that day (she still doesn’t know) and had to re-purchase.  Christin
  • a Timeless Tiara.  I would feel like a princess getting my Prince Charming!"  Charaya
  • my HOTPINK shoes!!!!  a girl has to have cute shoes!!! :)  Maggie
  • Heart shaped sand ceremony vase set.  Samantha

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