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Wedding Red Rose Ceremony - Symbol of Love and Unity

The wedding red rose ceremony is a charming alternative to the unity candle ceremony, unity sand ceremony and love letter ceremony.   Red roses have always symbolized love and beauty so a unity ceremony that features this romantic flower is quite appropriate.   As with the above unity ceremonies, the red rose ceremony can be customized to accommodate your family situation or personal preferences.   More below.

wedding red rose ceremony

In the rose ceremony, the Bride and Groom often present each other with a single red rose from their individual vases to symbolize their willingness to give and receive love and devotion from one another.    The individual roses are then placed into a central vase.    The Bride and Groom may prefer instead to remove the roses from their individual vases and place them directly into the central vase while vows are spoken.   If there will be additional participants (family members, officiant, etc.), each will place a rose into the central vase.   The red rose ceremony is usually performed near the end of the wedding ceremony just after being pronounced man and wife.

Sample vows:

The officiant could start the rose ceremony with the following:

One of the wedding gifts to each other has been your wedding rings – which shall always be an outward demonstration of your love, respect and commitment to each other.

You now have what is deemed to be the most honorable title which exists between a man and a woman – the title of "husband" and "wife".

Throughout history, roses have been considered a symbol of love and a single red rose always expressed one sentiment – "I love you".

So, as husband and wife it is appropriate that you also present a single red rose to one another as your gift.

Please exchange this gift. (couple then exchanges roses saying the following)

GROOM (handing BRIDE a long-stemmed red rose):
"Accept this rose as a symbol of my love.
Like our love, it has blossomed from a tiny bud into a breathtaking thing of beauty."

BRIDE (placing the rose into a vase filled with water):
"I accept this rose, symbolic of your love, placing it into water, a symbol of life.
Without water, this rose will wither and die.    Without you, I will do the same."

GROOM: "Once a year I will give you another beautiful red rose, to affirm our love and the vows spoken here today."

BRIDE: "And once a year I will refill this vase with water, to receive the symbol of our love, and to affirm the vows spoken here today."

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