Friday, September 11, 2015

Pantone Spring 2016 Color Report: Wedding Color Inspiration

Lately, you've been hearing the name Pantone a lot around here. But, after all, a wedding has to have a color story and Pantone definitely knows color. Their Spring 2016 Fashion Color Report has been released and promises to provide couples with fresh wedding color palette inspiration.

Take a look at the spectrum below and you may discover your very own color story.

The colors in this spectrum transcend gender and cultural norms so they should appeal to brides and grooms alike. Leading the calm, soothing colors in the collection is Rose Quartz, a soft pinkish tone that conveys compassion and lightheartedness.

Peach Echo is sure to please since orange has been popular in fashion for the last few seasons. It's warm and playful. As is the case with most soft blues, Serenity has a calming, stable effect like the sky above.

Often associated with nautical affairs, Snorkel Blue is similar to navy but has more energy in its undertones. Buttercup is sure to bring a cheery effect to your wedding celebration. Who can feel down when surrounded by such a color? (Michigan fans will love these two shades together!)

Limpet Shell is an aqua that's crisp and modern. Every color report has to have a neutral and Lilac Gray has a lilac undertone which adds distinction to an otherwise classic gray.

To shake things up and add excitement, include Fiesta in your wedding color palette. It's fiery and strong.
Iced Coffee is the second neutral in the spectrum and can transition through all seasons effortlessly. It can work with any of the other colors in the spectrum.

Green Flash is not a shade for the faint of heart. It definitely pushes the envelope and will work beautifully in weddings with an upbeat, whimsical vibe.

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